Endless 110 Frame

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The Endless 110 Frame is a precision machined, multi-setup frame designed specifically for high speed and agile cruising using 180 mm compatible freeride skates.  We believe it is the highest performance 4x110 urban frame on the market.  If you are looking for the ultimate in urban cruising, or you are a skater with a very large boot size, then you will love this frame.

If you are pre-ordering, please read our Pre-order Process & Terms page.

New orders will ship in 3-5 business days when in stock.  If out of stock in our store please check with our dealers who often have them available.

We recommend this frame for supportive boots with 180 mm mounting.  If you do not see your skate listed in the Compatible Boots section below, then please email us a photo of the bottom of the boot with the frame removed for us to verify the mounting interface.

  • Multiple setups: 4x110, 3x125
  • Balanced Rocker for 4-wheel setup
  • Enchanced Flat configuration for 3x125 setup
    • Has a very subtle micro-rocker - feels like a worn-in flat setup
    • Compatible with bullet profile wheels only
  • Recommended for Intermediate and Advanced skill levels with supportive boots
  • Mounting: 180 mm (*may not be compatible with all boots - ask if you don't see your skate listed)
    • Boot should have fully threaded 7-hole mounting plates for best centering
    • Compatible boots: FR1, FR2 (2016 and newer), FR3, Seba Trix 2, Seba High Light (Carbon, V2), Seba iGoR, Flying Eagle F6/F7, Flying Eagle Drift, Micro Delta F (carbon cuff); 7-hole mounts
    • Not compatible: FRW, FRX, FR2 (2015), Seba GT, Seba Trix (5-hole), Powerslide Imperial, Powerslide Hardcore Evo, Rollerblade Metroblade, Micro MT Plus, Micro Delta (plastic cuff); 5-hole mounts; UFS boots
    • Not compatible without professional modification: Rollerblade Twister Edge, Rollerblade Maxxum Edge, Rollerblade RB 80/110/DA: forward-most hole in front mount must be drilled and tapped for an 8 mm mounting bolt (perform at your own risk)
    • 165 mm mounting is possible using round hole in rear, but frame will be rear-biased on skates that do not have 7-hole plates.
  • Wheelbase: 333 mm
  • Brake compatibility: None
    • One frame set includes: 2 frames and 8 axles
    • CNC-machined from 6061-T6 aluminum
    • Weight = 368 grams, without spacers and axles


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