Improved shopping & shipping for international customers

We are proud to announce some big changes to our online store that will make the lives of our international customers easier and more convenient.

You can now check out in your local currency.  The website should geolocate based on your IP address, but you can also manually set the currency in the footer of the website.  All prices on product pages will be shown in your selected currency.

Currency Selector

All international orders will have the applicable duties and taxes collected at checkout.  When you check out you will see individual line items for Shipping, Duties, and Taxes.  You will no longer be responsible for dealing with the shipping carrier to pay these fees after you order is shipped.  This means a more frictionless checkout with less surprises and hassles.  You will know exactly what you need to pay up front.

Checkout with duties and taxes

There will also be information about the delivery speed of the shipping option you select so you will know exactly when to expect you package once your item has been fulfilled from our warehouse.

Checkout shipping speed

We hope these new changes will make ordering from Endless Blading even easier.  If you have any suggestions how we can continue to improve our website please drop us a note.

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