5-wheel Compact Agility 

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Compact agility

Agile: marked by ready ability to move with quick easy grace (Merriam-Webster, 2023)

We created a Compact Scale 5-wheel frame specifically for the needs of smaller-footed skaters seeking something perfectly agile and swively—for off-ice skating, for wizard skating, for the roller rink, for just dancing your ass off.  If you have bigger feet and are seeking a more compact experience we are confident you will love this frame too.

 It's light, low, and quick. Just as it should be.


Acceleration. Response. Control.

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A smaller 5-wheel frame for big expression

The Endless Arc CS is an adjustable rocker frame specifically designed for expressive "urban figure skating", and for smaller-footed wizard skaters seeking an appropriately sized experience. Through meticulous development and testing we have engineered a frame that we believe delivers an innovative level of 5-wheel performance for all 165 mount boots. An exceptionally rigid structural design and novel wheel configuration brings uncompromised levels of acceleration, responsiveness, and control for limitless skating expression.








Performance Driven Expression Platform

Check out the detailed setup guide for more info:


Configured for performance

Outer and center wheels (3x):

76 mm


Inner wheels (2x):

68 mm


Rigid, weight optimized structural system

Expression Platform


The acceleration, response, and control you didn't know you were missing

The next level


arc 165 80 mm

Performance Driven Expression Platform

Check out the detailed setup guide to learn how to configure the adjustable rocker of the outer wheels:


Made for sizes 35-39

(But also super fun for sizes 40-44)



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Dual Diameter Design

The use of two carefully selected wheel sizes allowed us to create a high-stiffness, low ride height structure that optimizes the performance of the frame+wheel system.  Ride height is established by the two inner 68 mm wheels.  Speed is driven by the 76 mm wheels.  The end result is a mass efficient frame that enables you to push the limits of skating expression. More design details can be found in the section below.

Arc Rocker

A 5-wheel frame is capable of a more nuanced rocker experience than a 4-wheel frame due to the additional pivot point. The default Arc rocker is smooth and continous and gives you just the right balance of maneuverability and stability. It feels especially good for wizard and urban skating styles. 

Multiple Configurations

Special two-position Rocker Axles are used for the outer wheels. These high-strength steel axles serve a dual purpose.  The provided Black and Silver axles configure the frame for increasing levels of rocker.  Configure the front wheel for more rocker than the rear to emulate an ice skate.  More details can be found in the Setup Guide.

165 Mount

Arc CS is available for popular 165 boots like FR Skates FR1, Rollerblade Twister XT, and carbon slalom boots like FR Spin, FR Daria, FR SL, Micro Delta/Delta F and the Rollerblade Crossfire.

A unique system of mounting slots allows you to perfectly center the frame on many popular boots including those from FR, Rollerblade, and Adapt.  

For Smaller Feet

Endless is proud to create the first 5-wheel frame expressly developed for smaller feet that doesn't compromise performance.

• Wizard skating: size 35-38
• Off-ice, dance, rink skating: size 35-44

Overall length is similar to 4x90 while the wheelbase is equivalent to 5x72.

Made for sizes 35-39


Design details

The Endless Arc CS 165 Frame is an adjustable rocker, 5-wheel Compact Scale frame specifically designed for "urban figure skating", and for smaller-footed wizard skaters seeking an appropriately sized experience. Through meticulous development and testing we have engineered a frame that we believe delivers an innovative level of 5-wheel performance for all 165 mount boots. An exceptionally rigid structural design and novel wheel configuration brings new levels of responsiveness, speed, and acceleration that enhance the execution of moves and open up limitless skating expression.


Versatile Wheel and Rocker Configurations

Larger Primary Wheels
Three 76 mm outer and center wheels were chosen for speed and acceleration.  This size provides a much smoother and faster ride experience than frame options using 72 mm wheels.
Smaller Pivot Wheels

Smaller 68 mm wheels in positions 2 and 4 enable a very low ride height for exceptional control.  They also provide small well-defined pivots for precise edge work, swivels, and direction changes.  

Multiple Rocker Settings

Using special Rocker Axles on the outer wheels allows the amount of rocker to be customized. You can achieve four levels of rocker to best suit your skating style with the included Black and Silver Rocker Axles.  

Orienting the dot down on the Black Rocker Axles gives you our standard Arc rocker, which is a good starting point for most skaters.  Up to an additional 2 mm of rocker can be set by flipping the Black Rocker Axles so the dot is oriented up. Using the Silver Rocker Axles allows in-between settings to be achieved.  

Figure Skate Rocker

By mixing and matching Black and Silver Rocker Axles in the front and rear, one can emulate the rocker of ice figure skates.  See the setup guide for more details.  

Performance Optimized
Frame + Wheel System

High-Stiffness Structural Design

Our designer drew upon decades of aerospace structural design experience to create a very rigid frame to carry load between the wheels and boot without unwanted flex that often compromises performance.  This unmatched stiffness-to-weight ratio means precise control, more effortless execution of movements, and faster sustained cruising speeds.

Efficient Use of Mass for Structure

The Arc design uses mass efficiently to fine-tune the stiffness required for exceptional responsiveness.  Most of this mass is kept as close as possible to the base of the foot to minimize moments of inertia.  As a result Arc CS frames are 80-90 grams lighter than competitor 5x72 frame options and are thus very agile.

Optimized Wheel Selection

We carefully selected wheel sizes to enhance ride smoothness, speed, and control.  By using 68 mm wheels with greater hub-to-urethane ratios wheel stiffness is increased.  Stiffer wheels are faster wheels.  For example, a 68 mm Street Invader uses the same hub as the 76 mm wheel.  The use of these smaller wheels in position 2 allows the skate to ride 4 mm lower than a comparable 5x72 setup.  The combined complement of 76 mm and 68 mm wheels translates into both more speed and more control at an equivalent total weight weight.   

80-130+ grams Total Weight Savings

When comparing total weights to complete competitor setups including wheels (e.g. 5x72) there can be as much as a total 80-90 grams weight savings for each skate.  When comparing to competitor 5x76 or 5x80 frame options Arc CS frames are a staggering 135-145 grams lighter.  That's a very noticeable amount of mass when it's hanging at the end of your foot.  This overall weight savings translates directly into how well you will skate, especially if you are a smaller skater.

Made for sizes 35-39


Wheel options

It was important that we provide good options for both bullet profile and round profile wheel sets to suit your personal preference.  

Endless premium (bullet) wheels, and FR Street Invader (round) wheels are available in our store with and without bearings and spacers.


FR Street Invader wheel


  1. Can I use this frame for artistic skating or off-ice training?
    Yes!  Arc CS was designed to give skaters with an ice or figure skating background a familiar, yet more practical and versatile inline skating experience.  You can do all your 3-turns and edge work, but still cruise around town with your friends or bomb a parking garage.  Check out our recommend figure skating rocker settings in the setup guide.
  2. Can I use this frame for wizard skating?
    Most definitely.  Arc CS is designed for you to swivel your heart out with the highest level of responsiveness.  It's especially suited to aspiring wizard skaters sizes 35-38.  We recommend starting with the black axles oriented dot down (Arc I Rocker).
  3. Can I use this frame for urban skating?
    Yes!  The innovative structural design of Arc CS means faster speeds, better impact shock performance, and bomb-proof strength.  It will withstand whatever urban punishment you can throw at it.
  4. Can I use this frame at the roller rink?
    This frame is incredibly fun at the rink for anyone size 35-44.  It's compact wheelbase and pivot spacing make it perfect for maneuvering and dancing in tight spaces.
  5. Which boots do you recommend for Arc?
    For 165 mounting we recommend the carbon slalom boots, or plastic freeskates like the FR Skates FR1 or Rollerblade Twister XT/Edge.  Carbon boots like the Rollerblade Crossfire, FR SL, FR Igor, FR Daria, or Micro Delta series are all excellent options.   For any setup with a removeable liner, we highly recommend an Intuition liner (v2, FR, or Premium) for the absolute best performane.
  6. I want a 5x72 frame.  Will this be better?
    Arc CS offers more control and speed compared to 5x72 options.  For the same wheelbase and pivot spacing as 5x72 Arc CS will give you an experience that is lower, lighter, more responsive, and faster.  See the Design Details above for more info.
  7. Can I mix and match wheel profiles?
    For the best rocker experience we highly recommend that all five wheels have identical profiles.  If the outer wheels are bullet profile then the inner wheels must be bullet profile.  If the outer wheels are round profile, then the inner wheels must be round profile.  During testing we found that mismatched profiles caused the rocker to feel unpredictable.  Not every wheel brand offers the same profiles in all wheel sizes, so we have curated a selection of Street Invader and Endless wheels in our store for your convenience.

    Recommended wheels:

    Round profile wheels: FR/Seba Street Invaders 68, 76 mm; Undercover Apex 68 mm

    Bullet profile wheels: Endless 68, 76 mm (coming summer 2023); Labeda Shooters 68, 76 mm; Rollerblade Hydrogen 76; FR Junk Freestyle 76 mm; Iqon Eqo 68, 76 mm; Undercover Team Blank 76 mm
  8. Will there be a Trinity version?
    We hope to make Arc CS available for Trinity in 2023.  If this is something that interests you send us a note and let us know.
  9. Who was involved in creating the video?
    Skater: Alanna Carnevale @sk8stronaut
    Filmed and edited by Jordan Smith @jrdn.smth
    Music: For Someone by S.Maharba