Endless 100 RB and Endless 110 Frame Sneak Preview

Endless 100 RB:

Our customers have been asking for a version of the Endless 100 that specifically fits boots like the Rollerblade Twister Edge, RB80/RB110, and better aligns with the offset mounting of Adapt boots.  The new Endless 100 RB answers that call and is currently in the final stages of production.  We expect to have it available by early September (or possibly sooner).  Here are some specs:

  • Setups: 4x100 (Balanced Rocker), 3x110 (flat);
  • Bonus setup: will fit 3x125 (flat) for many common boots and sizes, but cannot be guaranteed for all.
  • Wheelbase: 303 mm
  • Ride Height: 4 mm taller than the original Endless 100
  • Mounting: 165 mm - optimized for Rollerblade and Adapt boots, but will fit any 165 mm mount boots including those front FR and Micro.  Longitudinal mounting slots will allow front-back alignment of the frame on the boot.
  • Weight: 340 g without axles
  • Colorways: Black and Silver

Endless 110

The new Endless 110 is production and we hope to have it available by mid fall.  When it’s available we are confident it will be the best performing urban 4x110 frame on the market.  It will be much lighter than offerings from competitors due to highly optimized internal structural sections, but incredibly stiff and strong due to strategically placed internal bridges.  And like our other frames, its thick walls are designed to take a serious beating and last many years to come.  Here are some specs:

  • Setups: 4x110 (Balanced Rocker), 3x125 (very subtle rocker)
  • Wheelbase: 333 mm
  • Mounting: 180 mm (boots should have 7-hole mounting)
  • Weight: 369 g without axles
  • Colorways: Black and Silver
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