Collection: FR Street Invader Wheels

We believe the best skating experience is only realized when you have the best wheels on your skates.  We are proud to offer a curated selection of FR Street Invader wheels to enhance your swivel trick skating experience.  The round profile gives a little more stability at the expense of speed.  Edges feel wide and continuous.

These wheels are also available as complete sets pre-installed with Twincam ILQ-9 Classic plus and Sonic Floating Spacers. We have carefully curated the best bearing and spacer combination for our wheels to achieve optimal performance. The precision Sonic Spacers are a perfect dimensional match for the cores and yield a stack-up that has minimal rolling friction. This means you will experience an extremely solid, fast, and smooth roll. No wheel rattles or poorly seated bearings here. This is the kind of attention to wheel performance usually reserved for the race track. Bearings and spacers are reliably seated into each wheel using a Bont Bearing Press so you don’t have to assemble anything.

The Endless Arc | Arc ES 5-wheel frames require six (6) 76 mm wheels and either four (4) 80 or four (4) 84 mm wheels.  The Endless Arc CS frames require six (6) 76 mm wheels and two (4) 68 mm wheels.  For the best Arc experience do NOT mix round and bullet wheel profiles.