Why skaters choose Endless

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Our design approach

Made for endless freeride

We designed our frames specifically to maximize our enjoyment of the FR / Seba FR series skates we love to ride.  The 165/180 mm mount versions are compatible with your favorite skates from Rollerblade, FR, Seba, Micro, Flying Eagle, and others. The UFS versions fit all UFS boots including the Seba CJ/SX, THEM 909, and FR UFR. The TRINITY versions are compatible with all your favorite Powerslide skates like the HC Evo, Next, and Tau.

One frame, two setups

We have engineered our frames to be not only lightweight and strong, but also to be versatile and fun. Multiple setup options allow one frame to suit a variety of skating styles. Go from a maneuverable and zippy 4-wheel setup to a 3-wheel triskate cruiser in minutes.

Balanced Rocker 4-wheel setup

Balanced Rocker

The 4-wheel setups on each frame feature our unique recipe of rockering that balances front-to-back stability with responsiveness and maneuverability. This greatly enhances what we like to call the "Whee!" Factor. And all those swively tricks you've been wanting to learn.

Flat Triskate 3-wheel setup

Flat Triskate

The 3-wheel setups on each frame are configured flat for the best power transfer when cruising down a trail or commuting across the city. We have minimized the ride height for maximum stability. The triskate experience doesn't get more solid than this.

For all skill levels

Our frames are meant for skaters of all skill levels.  They immediately provide a more satisfying blading experience, especially for beginners, due to the low ride height, and ease of manueverability.  Turning becomes more intuitive.

Vivid color

All of our frames are available in multiple colorways to complement your personal style and make your setup pop. Every year we announce new high end custom color finishes.

Brake compatible

We want bladers of all skill levels to enjoy our frames so we designed many of them to be compatible with readily available Powerslide Urban Brakes.

Time tested design

The best designs require time. We meticulously refine our frame designs through a deliberate and long-term testing process involving fellow skaters across the globe. We iterate multiple times to optimize the performance and deliver an experience thoroughly vetted by experienced skaters. We don't believe in cutting corners or rushing products to market.

Made to last

Our frames are precision machined from 6061-T6.  The smooth outer surfaces cleanly cloak an internal structural design that optimizes strength and weight.  Wall thicknesses of 4 mm provide stiffness and durability.  The parts are bead blasted, anodized, and laser marked to achieve a beautiful finish that will last.

Patent pending innovation

We believe innovative design is worth protecting. We apply for utility and design patents on our skate technology and frame designs.