Collection: 5-wheel Arc Frames

The Endless Arc series of 5-wheel frames are precision machined, multi-setup 5-wheel frames specifically designed for skaters seeking the highest level of performance for expressive flatland styles that rely heavily upon precise edge transitions and ninja-like swivel moves.  Through a meticulous development and testing process we have engineered a frame that we believe delivers an innovative level of 5-wheel performance for all 165 and UFS mount boots.  An exceptionally rigid structural design brings new levels of Acceleration, Reponsiveness, and Control, that enhance the execution of moves and open up limitless skating expression...and most importantly, fun!

For the best skating performance and movement tempo, our 5-wheel frames should be chosen based on boot size. 

Endless Arc CS: best for size 35-39
Endless Arc: best for size 39-43
Endless Arc ES: best for size 44 and up

Check out the Arc | Arc ES Setup Guide and Arc CS Setup Guide for mounting and confirguation help.