About Us

I first felt the sensation of wheels on my feet in the early 90's as a teenager, when the original Rollerblade brand was the ambassador for what became the hottest trend of the 90's.  After sharing a pair of low-end knock-offs with my brother for a few weeks I was hooked.  I put down my skateboard and bought my first pair of Lightning TRS skates shortly after that initial introduction to what ultimately developed into a lifelong passion.  The popularity of inline skating soared for the next decade.  Then one day it stopped being cool.  I didn't care.  I still continued to skate simply because of the child-like joy I felt every time I put wheels on my feet.  Skating was an escape.  Skating was freedom.  Skating was fun.  Fast-forward nearly two decades later and I'm skating more than ever, thanks to an endless source of inspiration enabled by social media connecting bladers across the globe.  I have a growing group of friends that love to skate as well.  Every time our little crew goes out to skate we are happy to meet others putting on their skates for the first time in many years, or perhaps picking up the sport for the very first time.  It's an exciting time to be blading.

I started Endless Blading Co. as a way to share my passion for skating with my friends, and with the larger rollerblading community.  If you love to skate, then you are our people.  I have designed these products with the same rigor and meticulous attention to detail that I brought to my mechanical engineering design work in the aerospace industry for 18 years.  I'm proud to say that many of the parts and subsytems systems I designed are currently flying in space.  In 2016 I tradeded in my spacecraft designer hat to run the boutique pro audio company I had created in 2013 on a full-time basis.  Some of those music-making products are even used by hit-making artists and producers.  I am energized by the challenge of engineering versatile and beautiful products that emphasize a premium user experience.

My penchant for sleek aerospace aesthetics and is reflected in these precision-crafted frames.  I believe that skates should not only perform well and offer us a fun, optimal experience, but look beautiful as well.  I hope that our creations will inspire you to skate often, learn new skills, meet new blading buddies, and love life a little bit more.

Blade endlessly. 
Founder & Designer
Endless Blading Co.