FR1 Intuition Sizing

The FR1 Intuition is one of our favorite skate and liner combinations.  We often get asked about how to properly size this boot since the premium Intuition liner doesn't fit like many stock stock liners.  Because it's a low volume liner, many skaters can downsize into a smaller shell.  FR Skates has a separate size chart for the FR1 Intuition and UFR AP Intuition skates to take these sizing differences into account.

To simplify the process of figuring out what size FR1 or UFR Intuition skate will fit you best we have created the following sizing quiz.

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Seeking advice, pls. Got intuition premium liners not from your amazing store. In the heel area, i found delamination of the fabric in the liner from the foam. Like a bubble of loose fabric. It looks like a blister if you use the foot analogy. Is it a defect and is it fixable, pls in your experience and is V2 liner by intuition better in this regard? I have 8-8.5 premium intuition liner size, what would it be in the V2 version pls. I know I should ask Intuition here in Vancouver, but they do not respond… and, the arc ES frame is it more similar to wizard advanced than regular arc UFS (I would like a frame a little bit shorter than wizard advanced but similar feeling. Sorry for so many questions, Igor.


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