How to Make a Kicker Ramp

My early days of skating were spent launching off a ramp just like this.  Thanks to our friend, Jon, at Rollerbalding we are able to share these plans with you.  Have fun and enjoy some air-time!

Download: How to Make a Kicker Ramp - PDF Plans

1. Trace the profile of the transition you want. Cut one side, then use this piece as a template to trace and cut the other side.

2. Clamp the side walls together and plane the transition edges so that they’re identical between both sides. (In place of a hand plane you can use sandpaper, but it will take more work). Trim a few inches off the ends where the transition meets the ground.

3. Decide how wide you want the ramp then cut five equal segments from the 2x4's. Use long screws to attach the cross supports to the sidewalls at equal intervals down the transition and one at the right angled edge of the base.

4. Cut the 1/2” plywood to the width of the ramp. Cut a little bit off the length of the board so it will meet the ground with little overhang. Affix the board to the frame with medium length screws.

5. Cut the eucaboard or skatelite to the width of the ramp. Screw it in on top of the plywood with short screws and trim the length (if necessary) so it meets the ground for a smooth transition at the base of the ramp. See the detail shot for how the top layers are staggered at the start of the transition.

6. You know what to do.


Disclaimer: Always wear protective gear including a helmet when you skate.  Build and skate this ramp at your own risk.  Power tools and inline skating can both cause serious injury (or even death) so use some common sense and be careful.  We assume no liability for any injury caused by building this ramp or skating it.

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