Twister XT vs. Twister Edge Boot Comparison

Twister XT vs. Twister Edge Boot Comparison

I recently acquired a new 2022 Rollerblade Twister XT skate setup and have been getting to know it in depth.  Over the next month or so I intend to evaluate how the various improvements made by the Rollerblade design team translate into the skating experience.  I will be doing a deep dive on this boot and comparing to a 2019/2020 Twister Edge I own, and to my trusty FR1 Deluxe Intuition.  Things are going to get nerdy.  We are going to be swapping liners, weighing shells, and assessing the hardware, fit, and lacing.  My hope to to make a serious of informal videos as a resource for anyone considering this skate.

Could this be the new urban freeskate king?  Stay tuned to find out.

Episode 1: Boot

In first episode in the series I compare the Twister XT shell to that of the older Twister Edge and discuss design changes that affect performance and the overall skating experience.


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Hello, where can I order such military color Twister boots?


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