UFS and 5-wheel Frames are Coming

Many of you have been asking for Endless UFS and 5-wheel frames.  We are excited to report that we have been working on designs for both of these kinds of frames for a while now.  We continue to follow an engineering development process that prioritizes iteration and optimization, especially through extensive real-world testing.  While all this can take time, we believe it is a process that separates us from our competitors, and ultimately yields a superior product. 

Currently there are numerous prototypes out in the world being tested by friends and skaters whose feedback will be instrumental in refining the final product.  You may have even seen glimpses of some of these prototypes on social media.  Getting as much constructive feedback as possible helps us create the best design we can. This is why we are seeking your input on what you’d like to see from an Endless UFS Frame.  If you have a minute, please click the following link to take our questionnaire and contribute to the design of what we feel is going to be an exciting new UFS product:

UFS Frame Questionnaire

What we can tell you so far:

The designs for both the 5-wheel and UFS frames will adhere to our brand ethos of providing versatility, solid engineering, and industry leading performance.  They will have some innovative features that we believe will help you take your skating to the next level, and will set a new bar for performance skate structure design.  

The question we often get is: when will they be released?  The short answer is…when they skate like the vision in our head.  The longer answer is…  After we finish our iterative design/test process and optimize the frames for the best feature set and performance, then they will be put into production.  Manufacturing generally takes about 3 months.  Once we receive the products they will be inspected and boxed.  At that point they will be announced for release.

We promise the final products will be worth the wait!

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