Endless Frame Availability Update

Update - 8/17/21

Trinity Frames

Many dealer orders have shipped.  So expect to see Trinity frames listed in your favorite stores soon if you haven’t already.  We still have some stock on hand for the Endless store, but are awaiting more of our snazzy Trinity packaging.  As soon as we receive the boxes in 1-2 weeks we will resume taking orders.  

Endless 100 RB Frames

The new Endless 100 RB Frames are nearly complete.  The parts are being anodized and checked for quality over the next few days.  The first batch from the run is now expected to ship to our facility the following week.  Once we receive and inspect them we will make an announcement on social media regarding taking orders.

Update - 8/6/21

Trinity Frames

Endless 90 Trinity frames have arrived and have been inspected.  We will be taking dealer orders in the coming days for 84, 90, and 100 frames, and then will make any remaining stock available for direct order on our website.  We will make an announcement on social media at that time.  There is still outstanding stock we are awaiting from our order with our vendor so if things sell out you can expect more will be available later this month. 

Endless 100 RB Frames

As of 8/3/21 the machining had been completed for the new Endless 100 RB Frames.  The parts are being deburred, anodized, and laser marked this week.  The first batch from the run is expected to ship to our facility in the next week or so.  Once we receive and inspect them we will make an announcement on social media regarding taking orders.

Endless 110 Frames

As of 8/6/21 we have finalized the design of and placed the order for the new Endless 110 Frames.  It's hard to estimate the exact availability at this time, but these should be ready later this fall.  You are going to love what we've come up with.  We truly feel the performance of these frames is superior to any other 4x110 urban frame on the market.

Update - 7/14/21

The first batch of Endless 84 Trinity frames arrived on 7/7/21.  A majority of Endless 100 Trinity frames arrived on 7/12/21.  We are in the process of inspecting and boxing these all parts.  Once we do that we will begin fulfilling any outstanding pre-orders and backorders.  We expect to receive a shipping confirmation for the first shipment of Endless 90 Trinity frames by the end of the week.  After we clear existing orders we will make that stock available for wholesale and customer order in the following weeks.  

Update - 6/18/21

Endless 84 Trinity frames are expected to arrive on 7/6/21.  Once we inspect and count the parts we will begin fulfilling outstanding backorders.  After we clear those orders we will make that stock available for wholesale and customer order in the following weeks. We are expecting to receive status from our vendor regarding Endless 90 and 100 Trinity frames in the coming week or so.

Update - 6/18/21

Endless 80 / 90 / 100 Frame Availability

We received a shipment of more Endless 80, 90, and 100 frames in both black and silver a couple weeks ago.  We have been fulfilling all outstanding dealer and direct customer backorders, and carefully inspecting and counting our new inventory.  This upcoming week we intend to add the available items to our online store so that new orders can be placed by our dealers and any customer that would like to support us directly.  We will be making an announcement via email to our dealers and via our social media for everyone else when that new stock will be available for purchase.  We will NOT be taking pre-orders.  When the “Add to Cart” buttons exists on the product pages then that means the ordering is live.  We thank you for your patience in advance.

Endless Trinity Frame Availability

About two weeks ago our vendor informed us that they were about to begin anodizing and laser marking a large batch of Endless 84, 90, and 100 Trinity Frames.  At that time they expected to begin shipping a week after that.  We were informed today that production has been delayed due to the late arrival of special tooling, which will facilitate more efficient anodizing for the large number of frames we have been ordering.  We are now awaiting a new updated ship date from our vendor.  We apologize for this delay and will update this blog post when we have new information. 

Endless Wheel Availability

We presently only have 84 mm wheels available for sale.  We have placed a new order with Undercover for more 90 and 100 mm wheels, however the latest lead times being quoted are 11 months.  Our hope is that we might get wheels around the first quarter of 2022.

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