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The Endless 100 Frame is a precision machined, multi-setup frame designed specifically for the Seba/FR Skates FR series of freeride skates, and other 180 mm compatible skates.

New orders will ship in 3-5 business days when in stock.  If out of stock in our store please check with our dealers who often have them available.

Only order this frame if you see your skate listed in the Compatible Boots section below.  If you do not see your skate listed, then please email us a photo of the bottom of the boot with the frame removed for us to verify the mounting interface.

  • Multiple setups: 4x100, 3x110
  • Balanced Rocker for 4-wheel setup
  • Flat configuration for 3x110 setup
    • Compatible with bullet profile wheels only
  • Recommended for Intermediate and Advanced skill levels
  • Mounting: 180 mm (*may not be compatible with all boots - ask if you don't see your skate listed)
    • Boot must have fully threaded 3-hole or 7-hole mounting plates
    • Compatible boots: FR1, FR2 (2016 and newer), FR3, Seba Trix 2, Seba High Light (Carbon, V2), Seba iGoR, Flying Eagle F6/F7, Flying Eagle Drift, Micro Delta F (carbon cuff); 7-hole mounts
    • Not compatible: FRW, FRX, FR2 (2015), Seba GT, Seba Trix (5-hole), Powerslide Hardcore Evo, Rollerblade Metroblade, Micro MT Plus, Micro Delta (plastic cuff); 5-hole mounts; UFS boots
    • Not compatible without professional modification: Rollerblade Twister Edge, Rollerblade Maxxum Edge, Rollerblade RB 80/110/DA: forward-most hole in front mount must be drilled and tapped for an 8 mm mounting bolt (perform at your own risk)
  • Wheelbase: 303 mm
  • Brake compatibility (not recommended for use with brake):
    • 4x100: Powerslide Urban Brake Size L (908058/3)
    • 3x110: none
  • One frame set includes: 2 frames and 8 axles
  • CNC-machined from 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Weight = 320 grams, without spacers and axles


Have a question?  Check the FAQ.

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adam s.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Just plain easy to skate

I really like a long wheelbase. 4x100 is my favorite setup, so much so that I was willing to deal with the extra force it took to turn and stop with a flat frame. The Endless 4x100 is just as stable and fat, but it goes where I point my foot without any resistance. The rocker is barely perceptible otherwise. Just straight up natural feel. Even stops are easier and quicker. I just might be able to stop fantasizing about new setups from now on!

Jose R.
Argentina Argentina
I recommend this product
Excellent product, outstanding service

En español: Excelente calidad y diseño. El Rocker natural es una adicción para patinar en la ciudad, mientras que la configuración plana convierte los viajes de larga distancia en un placer absoluto. La longitud de sus guías me dieron más estabilidad y confianza para desarrollar mis habilidades. Recomendado 100%. In english: Excelent quality and design. The balanced rocker is an addiction for the city skating while the flat configuration makes an extra pleasure on the long distance trips. The lenght on this frame gives me more stability and confidence to grow my abilities. 100% recommended.

United States United States
I recommend this product
A great compliment to my Endless 80s.

This was my second purchase after buying the Endless 80s earlier back in summer 2020. I have smaller feet (EU39) and was looking to compliment my 80s with something that might help me built up better habits for Wizard skating. The Endless 100s have performed admirably in that respect and have also served well as an all-around frame for me. I found it very easy to transition from my Endless 80s to the 100s. The longer frame length and added weight from the wheels were exactly what I was looking for to build up better habits with Wizard moves. If you've got smaller feet but you're confident in your skating, don't be afraid to give these a try.

Philippe N.
Austria Austria
I recommend this product
Pure Happiness on 4x100mm

The Frames came super quick to Austria! The communication over Instagram is great and as a customer I can say that the guys over at endlessblading care about their customers and are always willing to help you out! The machining if the frames is great and they feel really good due to their rocker. All in all I can highly recommend this product and I hope they keep on bringing out products like this. Thank you guys!

United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product
Great Product

complete different feel than normal inline skate frames, more stable great control for such a long frame.

Switzerland Switzerland
I recommend this product
Endless 100 Frame with Rollerblade Twister Edge setup

Really happy with this setup which allows an impressive maneuverability. Check here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_HqmKyUMvA

Canada Canada
I recommend this product
Best city frame

I come from a speed skating background and i'm used to long frames and big wheels. Speed skate's frames are perfect for rides on smooth and regular surfaces, but they lack maneouvrability in the city. I tried different set-ups, from rockered 4x80 mm to short 3x125 mm, but I discovered that the best fit to my style of skating is the endless 100. It benefits from its length for high stability while still highly maneouvrable because of the rocker. The big wheels absorb the road imperfections and allow a smooth ride. I fell in love

Steffen M.
Germany Germany
I recommend this product
I love the 4x100 setup!

I've skated in my adolescence and just this year rediscovered skating, as so many did during the lockdown. Now in my 30s I was encouraged by others who (re-) started skating in their 30s, 40s, 50s, even 60s. So I bought just at the beginning of the first lockdown Seba skates with a 4x80mm Deluxe frame, no rockering. I got interest in and wanted to update to a 3x110 mm setup, but then I discovered this frame here and I bought it. And I love it! I am using mostly the rockered 4x100 mm setup, and really like the rockered style of the frame, but at the same time having big wheels. I feel very much comfort under my feet with them, it's easy to get speed with them, but also having at the same time the manoeuvrablility with the frame. And they just look great, I have the silver version, and the sound of the aluminium frame is just great! The only little minus is that the thread of the screws are on both frames on the same side. But I heard that this will change in future editions and for me that don't effect my 5-star review of the frame. I can recommend it! Happy skating everyone! :)

David S.
United States United States
I recommend this product
So much fun!

I'm 37 and aside from an occasional fitness skate on some fairly inexpensive 4x80 skates (at most once or twice a year) over the past 4 or 5 years, I hadn't really skated since I was a kid. I recently decided to really get back into skating to provide another way to workout besides jogging and just for something fun to do. I started back with an 11" 4x90 flat frame on some FR2s (size EU44) and this was way better than 4x80 from a stability and speed perspective. Stability is really important to me - injuries seem to take forever to heal and I have some chronic ones I'd like to try to avoid making worse from unnecessary falls. I recently came across the endless frames and while I've never experienced any kind of a rocker, I decided I had to have them. Couldn't find the 90s anywhere in stock but did locate the 100s and took a chance. I only have 90mm wheels at the moment, but I just finished skating on them for the first time and these frames are absolutely awesome. They are longer than my old 11" flat frames and feel insanely stable, yet they turn with essentially no effort! I can still do crossovers with no issue (on the side I can do them on hah!). These frames are so maneuverable it is crazy! Also, I didn't even notice a height change between my old 4x90 frame and the larger endless 100 frame with the 90mm wheels. When I'm ready I'll throw the 100s on there and I have no doubt it will be even more impressive. I highly recommend these frames, whether you are going to put 100s on there from the start, or even if you just put some 90s on like I did. I can't easily explain how much fun these are to skate on - all I can say is it's a totally different experience from anything I've ever skated before. As an added bonus, I feel like I can use 4x90, 4x100, 3x110 and potentially 3x125 based on a review I recently saw on youtube - how can you go wrong?

Sweden Sweden
I recommend this product
Endless freeskating!

Great set-up! Endless fun. Recommend for everyone interested in fast freeskating!

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